Each of us has his own attitude towards Valentine's Day. Some armor tables in the best restaurants, others boycott this holiday, the third spend it alone. But the theme of love does not leave anyone indifferent. Therefore, I advise you to study the list of idioms and phrasal verbs about love, and after practice and make a small composition, as I did.

If you have to take an international exam, speak to a large number of people or write an essay, you should be able to express your thoughts clearly and clearly. I'll tell you about one of the techniques that will help you in this.

You can eat in different ways: slowly or on the move, reluctantly or, conversely, with an appetite. How do you say that you want a snack or ask your friend not to fuss for dessert?

Verbs to borrow, to lend, to owe and to loan are often confused or considered synonymous. In this article, we will consider in which situation and with which stable phrases each of them is used.

If you've been to England, you know that the English like to apologize for everything. Even if you step on someone's foot, it's quite common to hear "Forgive" from another person, because his leg was on your way. This is part of the culture of both Great Britain and other English-speaking countries. Therefore, today we will learn to ask for forgiveness beautifully and on business.

It is said that when an ostrich feels danger, it buries its head in the sand. We suggest that you take care of your head from the sand and use our article to learn how to speak and warn about danger in English.

Music is a real art. It is high time to learn how to talk about it skilfully, what this article will help you with.

Combining incompatible in English speech is not an easy task, as it is easy to understand English speakers from the very first time, who like to show their wit in this way. From this article you will learn what an oxymoron is, when and why it is used.

How do you say "still life" in English? A "sketch"? How correctly to describe a picture or a photo? In this article, we will look at the types of pictures and pictures in English and learn how to speak about them correctly.

Learning English alone

Is it possible to learn English independently , without the help of teachers and tutors? Yes, it is possible. But not everyone approaches it. After all, an independent study of the English language is a constant work, searching for the necessary information, understanding the material. In order to learn English independently, you need a very strong motivation and great perseverance.

On the other hand, learning English independently has its advantages. Firstly, you assign a schedule to yourself and you can practice your language all day long. If you study English independently, you are not dependent on teachers and tutors, teach what you need or are interested in, and pay maximum attention to weak places.

Learn English for free!

But the most important advantage of independent learning of English is that you can learn English for free ! Perhaps at home you have textbooks in English, and to start an independent study of English - anyone can do it. Even if there is no textbook, you have the Internet. And this is the most important tool that allows you to learn English for free. The network has many sites, free textbooks and courses. This material is more than enough to learn English for free and without help. And we are ready to help you in independent study of the English language: use all resources of our site, ask any questions, and we will gladly answer them!

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